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Your Will is a very powerful and important document. It directs who will be in charge of your estate and where you want things to go.

Do-It-Yourself Legal Offers:

Will packages include:

  • Last Will & Testament
  • Health Care Directive
  • Notary Service


Do-It-Yourself Legal can type your simple will based on your input and direction.

Most people are aware they need a Last Will & Testament, it is reported by Consumer Reports that as many as 66% of Americans, do not have a Will. Do-It-Yourself Legal makes having a Last Will & Testament affordable.


To ensure that life is easier for the ones you leave behind, get organized.  In most circumstances your family will have about three days to make some major decisions.  You can make it simple by being prepared with a list of your intentions.

Last Will and Testaments often state: “If I have left a hand-written list . . .”   This hand written list, is to the individuals you ask to be in charge and gives them directions in wrapping up your estate when the time comes.

Your letter of intention should contain information such as:

  • A list of assets (residence, vehicles, retirement plans, bank accounts)
  • A list of debts (creditors, account number and approximate balances)
  • Identify which assets are liquid assets (anything that has immediate cash value)
  • List Business property or business interests
  • Real Estate, including identifying information
  • A list of contact, accountant, family lawyer, realtor, friends (names and telephone numbers)
  • Distribution of tangible items

The person you appoint to be in charge needs to know the location of important documents including your Last Will and Testament.

1)  Schedule your FREE appointment from Do-It-Yourself Legal to type up your will based on your direct.

2)  Take the time to write your Letter of Intention. Check up on it twice a year and update the information as necessary. This will prevent relatives from going on a wild goose chase for some item you got rid of years earlier!

3)  Make sure you are clear about what the people you leave in charge need to know about your assets, debts, and your directions.

Talking to a lawyer is always a good idea and we have a large referral base or you can always get a referral from the Washington State Bar Association at WSBA.org.

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