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cell phone contracts and your child

When was the last time you purchased a brand new mobile phone or upgraded your phone contract to include a new phone? The old days, of a new phone every two years for just agreeing to extend your contract – are over. Now days, wireless carries expect you to purchase the phone and keep the package, but they allow payments over time.

If you are considering purchasing a mobile phone for your child, it is a financial commitment. Further, it isn’t just about buying them a phone, because it has to be a “cool phone” just like their friends have.  You child isn’t interested in a track phone or one of the old flip phones or even your hand-me-downs.  They want the connection, the apps, the world at their finger tips.

Before you dive into debt on a contract you cannot take back, you may want to consider a few things. According to the web-site Sunshine and Hurrican’s there are many things to consider, and perhaps some boundaries to set.

Here is a contract that may help you to build responsibility and accountability for your teen:

I, __________________ , agree to the terms and rules outlined below in order to carry & use a cell phone. I realize that if at any time, I do not abide by the terms below, I will IMMEDIATELY lose the privilege of having a cell phone. If I chose to argue or become disrespectful about the violations, I will automatically lose the phone for a period of 14 days.

This phone belongs to my parents and they’re graciously allowing me to use it because I have earned their trust. Should I violate that trust, I will return the phone to them.
This phone only holds contacts approved by my parents.
This phone has NO wi , apps, or email access. Should I enable any of these functions without my parents knowledge, my privilege of carrying a cell phone will be REVOKED for an inde nite amount of time.

This phone is paid for and owned by my parents. If it becomes cracked, broken, unable to be used, or damaged, I must repay my parents the value of the phone($50) before purchasing another phone with my own money.

This phone line may be turned o at any time, at the discretion of my parents.

This phone is being used by me, ___________, not my friends. If I allow my friends to use the phone and it is damaged, accidentally or purposefully, I am responsible for repair/ replacement.
When at home, my phone belongs near/on the charger in the kitchen area, not in ANY bedroom. As with ALL technology in our home, the phone is not to be used behind any closed doors.

This phone is meant to be a form of communication between my parents & I. I am ALWAYS to answer their calls(unless in class, church, or a pre-speci ed situation) & return their texts.

This phone will be reviewed by my parents continually and if there is inappropriate, rude, mean, bullying, disrespectfult language or questionable pictures of ANY sort, I will lose the privilege to have my own cell phone.

Any instructions or rules I am given about this phone, in addition to the ones listed here, must be followed or the phone reverts to my parent’s custody.

Signed, __________________________(signature) this ____ day of July, 2016