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As Parents it is tough to watch our children weather life’s storms

Your children matter!

Children are the most important people in our lives, that is why here at Do-It-Yourself Legal want to help you transition into a residential schedule that protects them from your marital disputes.

Oprah’s book club shares this article about the vulnerability of parenting through difficult times and offers good insight.

“Life is not safe, and so our task is not to promise our kids there will be no turbulence. It’s to assure them that when the turbulence comes, we will all hold hands and get through it together. We do not promise them a heartache-free life, but we do assure them that the slings and arrows won’t kill them— in fact, they will make them kinder, wiser, more resilient. We look them right in the eye, point them to their pain, and say: “Don’t be afraid, baby. You were born to do this.”

Read more: http://www.oprah.com/inspiration/glennon-doyle-melton-parenting-children-of-divorce#ixzz4af2JrA1I